Red Ruin Publications

Red Ruin's catalogue continues to grow as our active community of contributors is producing some high-quality content. You can check out Red Ruin on for our full catalogue or keep reading for a flavour of the great things you can read for free.

In addition to contributions to the Casket of Fays fanzine, we are also interested in longer works: sourcebooks, adventures and campaigns, new professions and rules, and other longer pieces of interest to Dragon Warriors players. If you have an idea that you would like to discuss with the editor, check out our Submission Policy, join us over on Discord, and contact us.

Casket of Fays

Red Ruin's flagship publication is the Casket of Fays, a quarterly A5 fanzine presenting short, fan-written articles to a mixed audience of both Dragon Warriors and OSR fans, both to excite long-time players of the Dragon Warriors RPG and to lure new players with an interest in OSR to Dragon Warriors. The Casket of Fays fanzine is ideal for publishing:

Check out the Casket of Fays website for details of (and links to) all of the issues.


If you are looking for adventures longer than can be published in the Casket of Fays, you need look no further than to the Adventures of Cedric and Fulk. In their first chapbook, they encounter the Wickedest Man in Banlet. The second chapbook spins the tale of the Well of All Tears, and more of their exploits will be following soon.

Alongside these, a new series of adventures, the Maunderlak Saga, has begun with the release of The Fallen Monastery and continues with The Ruins of Trostenhal, The Icevalen Mine, Ravenswall, Return to Trostenhal, and Trostenhal Mine.

Solo Adventures

With the resurgence in popularity of solo adventure-gaming, Dragon Warriors fans have not disappointed. The first of a number of solo adventures to be published by Red Ruin is set in the Village of Frogton. And from there, the floodgates opened — check out Red Ruin's full catalogue of solo adventures:

Legendary Locations

Red Ruin is exploring more of the Lands of Legend, starting with the iconic Tower of Ulrich the Sorcerer. If you enjoyed that, check out the Village of Garric, a detailed village to use anywhere in your games.